Electromobiles for senior citizens and public transport

The vR3 is perfect for use as a private multi-purpose vehicle. The safe three-wheel design with a low step-through facilitates unrestricted use by all generations.

Thanks to the patent-pending tilting technology, there's no need to forego driving dynamics and sportiness. Visually, the vR3 also satisfies the highest aesthetic requirements. The real highlight is the large transport capacity, which is close to that of a small car.

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Popular applications

vR3 City

If a car is too big, a scooter too dangerous and an e bike too small, the vR3 with the City package is just the right vehicle for you!

The City package includes:

300 x 400 front module
Rear "City" module
Saddle or seat option

vR3 with Silver package

Facebook friends are all well and good and speaking on the phone is also fun, but there's no real substitute for a game of cards with colleagues or a good chat over coffee and cake.

If you are gradually losing your eyesight and driving a car is no longer possible, or if you don't feel as safe as you once did on a bike, then try out our vR3 with the Silver package.

The Silver package includes:

300 x 400 front module
Rear "City" module
Comfort seat
Walking stick holder