Service vehicles for service providers

The vR3 is intended for field service personnel, such as safety personnel or nursing staff, technicians and installers, who, in all weathers and possibly carrying lots of material, have to drive near to the service location and want to reach their destination quickly and safely, even in cities. The low noise emissions also make night-time service operations trouble free.

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Examples of applications as service vehicles

Special design for maintaining civil infrastructure

Among other applications, the vR3 is used to inspect and maintain civil infrastructure. A diverse range of often heavy tools are used to provide access to gate valves and hydrants. In addition, high-pressure and wet-vacuum cleaners are used for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

In order to carry all these tools, vRbikes has worked with customers to come up with a special design for civil engineering works.

Road marking in the city centre

City centres also need road markings. Only large trucks look out of place in a shopping street flooded with pedestrians and tourists.

Thanks to the vR3, you can move effortlessly through the narrow alleys of the old town. At the same time, you will also convey important values, such as sustainability, innovation and customer-friendliness.

The vR3 for security tasks

Equipped with a wide variety of tools, communication material and first-aid equipment, the vR3 provides a perfect platform for security tasks. At just 800 mm wide and with a turning circle of less than 4.5 m, the vR3 can also be easily manoeuvred on tight business premises. In addition, the silent drive guarantees that you will not disturb neighbouring residents. The vR3 is also safe to drive in all weathers.

Special design for technicians

Electricians and plumbers render their services on-site, often in city apartments. Customers expect action to be taken quickly in the event of faults such as electrical damage, power cuts or water damage. With a vR3, congestion and construction sites can be bypassed easily and you can park directly at the service location.

The transport capacity far exceeds that of a conventional roller, meaning that multiple tools and possible replacement parts can usually be transported without any problems. Smart, special designs for efficient transportation.

Service vehicle for nursing staff

Non-hospital-based care plays a crucial role in the healthcare system. In addition to nursing and healthcare, domestic and social support are other important areas of activity in the sector.

Healthcare staff that do not work in a hospital are reliant on manoeuvrable and reliable vehicles. They often use small vans or e bikes. The vR3 combines the best of both worlds: It has ample transport capacity and the containers are also easily accessible and lockable. The vR3 can also be driven safely in winter; tramlines and slipperiness are not an obstacle. If that weren't enough, the vR3 is completely emission-free when out and about. And last but not least, you can even park your new service vehicle right outside your front door.