SUMO Plattform

  • In what will be an industry first, we will be offering our vR3.2 in five different sizes from S to XXL.
  • This is made possible by our unique flexible rear frame, which we can produce in various lengths and widths.
  • Platforms, flatbeds, modules or boxes of different sizes can be fitted on the rear frame.
  • As always, the design makes the best possible use of the space between the wheels.
  • Thanks to the principle of carry-over parts, all models share absolutely identical technical components and parts, such as power unit, battery, rims, tyres, brakes, controls, etc.
  • It is only the special rear frame that changes the length, width and loading capacity of the vR3.2
  • At the moment, we are planning, designing and building the future models and variants, with a particular focus on the municipal sector



Charging time


45 km/h



125 km



225 kg

Loading capacity

Smart Features


01. Tyres & brakes

  • Three hydraulic disk brakes 220 mm, CBS braking system
  • Tyres 130/60/13 available as summer and winter tyres
    (spikes and snow chain available)
  • 2 × spring/oil damper combination, maximum stroke at wheel 94 mm

02. Chassis

  • Wide step, including side footrest
  • Optimised vehicle frame – durable and robust
  • Available on request: Handlebar muffs, windscreen, roof

03. Motors & rear axle

  • Stabiliser on the rear axle
  • Two motors, each with 2 kW continuous power, peak power 6.8 kW (max. 120 s)
  • Brushless motors, single-wheel drive by means of toothed belt
  • Electronically controlled recuperation

04. Electronics

  • Li-NMC battery 48 V technology 7.1 kWh WLTP range 125 km
  • Fully automatic, electro-mechanical parking brake acting on both rear wheels

05. Wheel suspension & spring system

  • Max. torque: 412 Nm, electronically controlled slip control
  • 145/60/13 available as summer and winter tyres (snow chain)
  • Single-wheel suspension, spring/oil damper combination, max. stroke 150 mm

06. Rear modules & trailers

  • Available on request: Trailer coupling 50 mm – up to 300 kg towing load
  • Storage space between the wheels (66 litres)
  • Variable: Wide range of rear modules, depending on model (S–XXL)

07. Seat ergonomics

  • Adjustable, ergonomic driver's seat with backrest

08. Assistance systems

  • Mechanical "hill holder" – hydraulically acting on all three wheels
  • Three-stage grip heating and hazard warning lights, as standard
  • 5-inch multifunction display with Bluetooth, camera screen

09. Electronic accessories

  • As standard: Keyless entry & go
  • Telematics box with GPS tracking for fleet management IT
  • Wide front screen for greater weather protection
  • Lockable glove compartment in front screen, 5 V USB socket

10. Front modules

  • Front rack, modules, transport trays and boxes
    maximum 30 kg loading capacity


  • 5-inch large, backlit colour display
  • All important and relevant data is displayed
  • Speed
  • Total distance
  • Daily km counter
  • Motor temperature, batteries and control unit (inverter)
  • Battery state of charge
  • Driving direction and driving stage
  • Service/customer service interval indicator
  • Error codes

Weather protection

When the weather presents challenging conditions, your vR3.2 can protect you however you need it to – whether from rain, snow, or even too much sun.

For example, quickly detachable windscreens are available in a choice of two sizes.

Plus, a windscreen version can be supplemented with a lightweight roof construction that is still easy to detach. A permanent roof construction is currently being developed with a special focus on the municipal sector.

Accessories currently available include heated grips and handlebar muffs


Move the vehicle with your mouse

2 Motoren Einzelradantrieb

Our patented drive system incorporates two individual motors instead of one rigid drive axle. These transmit the drive forces to the wheels via toothed belt and pulley. The enclosed drive train of the vR3.2 fully protects the timing belt and pulley from stones/gravel/salt and other elements, which in turn reduces the maintenance needed and helps to reduce the actual TCO. Our special design allows for a completely variable power transmission and gear ratio. As such, the vR3.2 gets through even the tightest radii without distortion.


All vehicle data and driving data is recorded automatically, and any error messages that occur are stored. If required, a vehicle or an entire fleet can be evaluated in real time.

Your captured data can be exported in various formats, for example as logbook records, fleet management, statements, etc.