Intra-company transport vehicles

The vR3 is particularly suited to all types of lightweight intra-company transportation. For example, transporting medication and implements in hospitals, transportation in enclosed spaces such as caverns and tunnels, working on airport premises, in railway stations, as a towing vehicle for arranging shopping trolleys or as a caddy on the golf course.

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Examples of solutions implemented for intra-company transportation

Equipped with multi-purpose container

Company premises can often take on vast dimensions, be it to accommodate all activities in the value-creation chain, from raw materials storage through to machine-based production of individual components up to pre- and final assembly, or to temporarily store retail products depending on demand.

Increasing importance is being attached to transportation within company premises. The various special configurations of the vR3 facilitate efficient logistics. By virtue of its emission-free drive, it can be used both inside assembly halls and on the street.

Support for shelving and container systems, e.g. for hospitals

The concept outlined below could be of particular interest to large and extensive companies, where a wide range of shelving systems are used.

These could include laundry baskets, shelves for storing medication, tool boxes, shelves containing spare parts or even cleaning materials.